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S. Miles

March, 2022

Observing hundreds of Sandhill Cranes feed, flap, cavort, and call to one another close by was a thrill I will never forget.  I felt like I was in their private sanctuary, and much, much closer than seeing them fly overhead. This was better than an African safari!  Hearing, seeing, and experiencing these majestic birds in their natural surroundings was a rare privilege that could not have happened without our guide’s tips on maintaining stillness so that we were undetected.  

Thanks, Mary!

R. Junker

March, 2022

Experiencing the geographic beauty of Garden County is inspiring. 
With the addition of the Sandhill Cranes, it is breathtaking. We watched in silence and awe for over an hour and a half as they slowly circled, landed, pecked at the dirt in search of food, rose and circled again.  Eventually hundreds of cranes were feeding in front of our trailer, many not 30 feet away.  We watched their courtship dancing and dust tossing rituals.  There were  families and sentinels.  I dearly wanted to lift the camera and focus on the dance, 
picking my shot, but to have done so would have frightened the cranes and we would have lost the magic of the moment.


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